Reality Sets In LOL

Right now, I am counting days (5 days to be exact) for the transfer result to be made available. If everything goes according to plan, I am going to start my life anew in my brand new spanking home (insyaAllah). But until the day comes, what I can do is dream and sleep and hope the days will zoom by quickly and dream again. Actually it is not dreaming but more like planning (or is it versa?)

I've called a few developers and agents and making inquiries about houses available and the price they offer. Looking for a house that suits my tastebuds taste and negotiating with the agents are really difficult as I found out.

~at least 3 bedrooms (pantry/utility room excluded)
~at least 3 bathroom.
~a medium sized kitchen.
~a small strip of land at the back for my ego herbs planting.
.....and the rest of the must have rooms i.e. living, dining etc.

Right now I am not rushing to make any decision/booking as I think this is a very HUGE investment and needed careful and cautious planning. So in a meanwhile, I am planning the layouts and appliances in each room.... starting from...

La Cuisine (it s French for The Kitchen)

Browsing around, this layout really catch my attention. I love the modern style look with breakfast shelf.
Looks a lil bit like a bar counter and suitable for a kitchen without wall partition separating the dining as the breakfast shelf itself acts like a partition. Cool huh?

But the colour really.. Urgh!
Wonder how much I have to fork out to get this.. Hmmm

Hopefully my dream kitchen won't turn into this..

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2 desserts:

Ribbon Clown said...

hi eff.. transfer semenanjung ke? hopefully the result fall on your side.. ameen..

Love the kitchen modern style look.. but me myself prefer an old kitchen look hehe

I'm thinking of posting a couple of entries on kitchen styles ideas..hmm

Start saving for your dream kitchen.. ;)

FriDay dA FourtH said...

Yup.. Nak transfer pi Semenanjung dah. Supposed takde apa-apa halangan sebab dah cukup(actually lebih) tempoh untuk pindah. But still, feels quite anxious until the result is officially out.

About 'La Cuisine', hope it won't exceed my budget for entertainment area (I m a guy.. LOL) or else will end up with cabinet in the latter picture ;p