Lazy Exciting Sunday

I've got the transfer result already (3 days before the result comes out officially, thanks to Adnan). Yesternight, I baked cheesecake. So today I am lazing around looking at the layout plan of my house. Planning (no more dreaming) for a renovation. Fortunately, I still remember the civil engineering jargon (hazely) or else the layout and numbers would make my head spin. (the cheesecake helps too). The feeling I am going through right now is 'berkecamuk' (mixed feeling). I am all excited to finally have a place to call my own, but at the same time, I have already become accustomed to life in Kapit. There are so many bitter-sweet memory here. The hatred feeling towards shops that closed early, no night life (I mean legal activity mind you), no bowling, no entertainment, no good watering hole have subside a long time ago. The feeling has change to being thankful of what Kapit has to offer, the waterfall (lotsa waterfalls), the wandering white storks (that looks amazing) and the awesome sunset.
Not forgetting all the awesome teachers and students whom I got the chance to work with (Cikgu Velu, Liza, Salmiah, Norseri, Hipnee, Hannan, Fila, Akashah, Saliza, Siti, Zamri, Rose..just to name a few). My The HANDBALL team (my blood and sweat since 2006) and The DRAMA & THEATRE team are two major groups that I am proud to be associated with here in Kapit.
The sad feeling hasn't sink-in yet due to the fact that I will be staying here til 20th Dec (as one of the SPM invigilator).

Lotsa things to do before that time arrives. Lotsa apologising to accept and return... Will there be free flow of tears? Only time will tell.

Kapit @ dusk (not edited ;p)

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