Home Made Oreo Mint Ice Cream

I can't wait a minute longer to brag post these pictures in this blog. Took it out from the fridge, crossed fingers, scoop it out, crossed fingers, took a few pics, crossed fingers, open mouth and eat!! Yay!! The taste is incredibly 'cool' and yummy. Finally all my patience have paid off.

Can't share the recipe with you yet tho, because there are too many trials, re-do, re-blend, re-freeze etc until up to the point I don't even know what I had put to make them taste like this.

Ok I admit, I lied! I really don't wanna share you the recipe.. haha!

Ops! sorry.. I can't really control what my alter-ego is saying.

Will update this post as soon as I finish making the third batch later.

Life is short. Have the dessert first.

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Ribbon Clown said...

You made ice-cream? WOW WOW WOW.. please please post the recipe.. it looks so yummeh plus your photos are not bad either ;D

Please snap more photos.. all your food looks yummeh..