Recharge.. Rejuvenate..

Going some place refreshing.. Hope I am not the squirmish type. Updating later ;)

Went to Kursani Men Spa yesterday. Opt for the 1 1/2 hour full body massage. This is the 2nd time for me. The 1st experience was at a well known establishment near Pudu. But at that time, I can sense that something else was going on around. Feel so 'takut' that it might get raided by the anti-vice authority.. LOL.

But Kursani is different. No hanky panky (or is it until you asked for it.. haha). The masseurs is really trained, he knows what he is doing.. coz he knew where my painful area was.. -the facial gestures I made might give it away-and work extra hard on that.

My body feels so light after the session. Sleep really tight last night amidst all the problems I am now facing plus the commotion made by my nephews who insisted I slept in the same room with them. Not bad for a really squirmish person. Will be going there again soon.

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